This is the webpage of 2nd National Conference on Electronic, Atomic, Molecular and Photonic Physics (CEAMPP 2011), satellite conference of the 5th Conference on Elementary Processes in Atomic Systems. CEAMPP 2011 will take place in Belgrade, Serbia, on June 21, 2011 in Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

The National Conference on Electronic, Atomic, Molecular and Photonic Physics - CEAMPP is now a traditional national conference covering a wide range of scientific topics in atomic and molecular physics. The CEAMPP aims to bring together and support collaboration between different groups working basically in the various fields of atomic and molecular physics, so to induce new ideas and interdisciplinary research. The focus of the CEAMPP is put on young distinguished researchers, who will be invited to give the most of the lectures at the conference. Still, the CEAMPP aims to preserve a high scientific level, so to present the frontier results both in Serbia and worldwide.

Topics & Program    CEAMPP 2011 Program

Conference Topics:

  1. Atomic and Molecular Structure and Properties
  2. Collision Processes
  3. Photon Interaction with Atoms and Molecules

The scope of the conference includes: electron and photon spectroscopy; elastic and inelastic scattering of electrons by isolated atoms and molecules; electron interaction with biomolecules and clusters; atomic processes with ions and surfaces; heavy particle collisions; laser beam interaction with atoms, molecules, ions and cold atoms; synchrotron radiation interaction with atoms, molecules and ions; laser spectroscopy diagnostic and applications; photon and electron optics and electron trace simulations; instrumentation etc.

List of Speakers and titles     List of abstracts (pdf file)

Dr Nenad Bundaleski, Univesidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
Grazing incidence fast atom diffraction on different materials

Dr Juraj Fedor, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Dynamics of dissociative electron attachment to small molecules

Dr Maja Gruden Pavlovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Theoretical study of the Jahn-Teller effect

Mr Srdjan Marjanovic, Institute of Physics, Serbia
Numerical modeling of buffer gas positron traps

Dr Christophe Nicolas, SOLEIL Synhrotron, France
Soft X-ray spectroscopy of molecules and biomolecules

Mr Milan Radonjic, Institute of Physics, Serbia
Coherent effects in laser driven rubidium vapor

Dr Radomir Rankovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Ab initio calculation of low-lying vibronic levels in the ground X2Πu electronic state of dicyanoacetylene cation

Dr Miroslav Ristic, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Excitation of molecules by low-energy electrons

Dr Vladimir Stojanovic, Institute of Physics, Serbia
Monte Carlo modeling of Townsend discharges in hydrogen

Ms Sanja Tosic, Institute of Physics, Serbia
Absolute cross sections for electron scattering from metal vapours

Mr Gideon Wormeester, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, The Netherlands
On the propagation of positive streamers in N2:O2 mixtures

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Scientific Committee:

Organizing Committee:

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Important Dates

On-line pre-registrationOpen on the website
May 6th, 2011
May 12th, 2011
Abstract submission deadline
May 16th, 2011Notification of abstract acceptance
May 20th, 2011Early registration
June 6th, 2011Final program
June 14th, 2011End of registration

Proceeding papers (FU-PCT)

CEAMPP Proceedings will be published as a special (but consecutively numbered) issue of the Serbian national journal

The submission to FU-PCT is primarily indented for the CEAMPP-only contributions; however, all CEPAS/CEAMPP participants are welcome to submit their papers to FU-PCT, as well, if they consider this journal as more appropriate.

Important notes:

  • All submission of a paper implies that it represents original work not previously published and not being considered for publication elsewhere.
    All previously published material shall be fully acknowledged in the manuscript. If any material from third parties is incorporated in the manuscript, the Author(s) is (are) responsible, prior to the date of manuscript delivery, at their expense, to obtain permission in writing from each copyright holder of such material to use such material in the manuscript consistent with the terms of the rights granted pursuant to the copyright item at the end of this document.

  • The minimum length of papers in the CEAMPP 2011 Proceedings is 3 (three) FU-PCT printed pages (in principle, there are no restrictions for the maximum number of pages). Papers in the form of extended abstracts having a length of less than 3 pages should not be accepted for publication.

  • The submitted manuscripts will be peer reviewed by referees. The Editorial board will give the final decision about publication.

  • In order to submit the Proceedings paper, at least one of the authors should have paid the CEAMPP 2011 or CEPAS/CEAMPP 2011 registration fee. Note that one registered participant can submit more than one proceedings paper in FU-PCT.

The technical details and procedure of submitting the full length papers to FU-PCT will follow shortly.

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Posters    List of posters (pdf file)

The poster papers will be presented at the CEAMPP poster session on Tuesday, June 21st. Please take into account that poster size should be between formats A1 (hight 84.1cm, width 59.4cm) and A0 (hight 118.9cm, width 84.1cm). Conference logo for your poster can be downloaded here.


Abstract submission is closed.


Official email address:

Dr Sasa Dujko,

Dr Aleksandar Milosavljevic,

Dr Bratislav Marinkovic,

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